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I like to think of my work as a love story, not because some of the content pertains to lovers, but because of the love affair I have with my struggle to understand, interpret, and bring meaning to my past experiences. 

     I am currently interested in the relationship between humans and food, sexuality, body image, my community, and masks. I find relationships between two individauls fascinating in how people communicate and miscommunicate with one another. I've tried to display the awkwardness between two bodies once they no longer belong together, the manipulation from one body on another, and the distance between two perspectives. 

    The use of masks is a very important theme in my work in how the physical mask of makeup frees people to be different or create exaggerated personalities of themselves. Masks can even be applied with clothes, shoes, and props that we wear and how we act when we are in those sitations. 

    It is important to note that my work is conceptually driven; therefore, I choose which medium I work in based on how well it compliments the ideas I'm working towards. That being said, I am striving to become technically stronger in more mediums, as well as, playing a larger part in my community's invovlement in art.


Thank you for reading. 

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